iZombie, the television series, is loosely based on the comic book series by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.  The series airs on The CW in the US and is available on Shomi in Canada.  It stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore, the main character who is turned into a zombie at a party.


iZombieWe first meet Liv Moore working as a medical student at a local hospital.  Her friends convince her to attend what is supposed to be an amazing boat party, though Liv originally declined.  It is at this party that a batch of tainted Utopium (a new designer drug) is distributed among the patrons.  When it is mixed with Max Rager, an energy drink, it turns to person into a zombie.  Liv doesn’t partake but it scratched by one of the zombies, becoming one herself.  Unable to return to her normal life, she breaks up with her fiancé and take a job at the city morgue with easy access to brains.  She works with Ravi Chakrabarti, who very early on figures out her zombie secret.  Liv discovers that she is able to access memories of the recent dead after eating their brains and uses this ability to help solve their deaths with Detective Clive Babineaux, though he is unaware of her secret and instead thinks that she has psychic visions.

The iZombie series is now into its second season and seems to be following along the same trajectory as the previous season, though stakes are a little higher for Major Lilywhite, Liv’s ex-fiancé, who now knows that Liv is a zombie.  Nearly all of the players from the previous season are back, as well as one or two new ones.  The series follows a case of the week format, with an overarching storyline of the Utopium and finding a cure to zombism.  The series sat on the edge of being cancelled the last year and now this year as well.  It is a bit of a niche show that I’m not sure speaks to all viewers.  It is a crime procedural role with the added benefit of psychic zombism (after a zombie eats a brain, they have memory flashes and pick up some of the dead’s personality traits).  However, it still is a crime procedural and there are tons of those out there.  Admittedly, the formula seems to be getting a little stale in season 2 and if it weren’t for the fact that it was on The CW, I think it probably wouldn’t have made it past the first season.  As it is, it is still very entertaining and I hope to see a season 3 for this one.

With that hope does come a caveat.  If, by some chance, they do decide to go with a third season, the show needs to spice things up a little more.  It needs something to keep the audience engaged.  For a while, they were exploring Liv and Major’s relationship post-zombie infection and now the whole serial zombie “killer” storyline, but even that has started feeling a little stale.  Right now, the show is missing something and it needs to start turning around or that third season will never happen.

The first season is available on DVD.


iZombie Review

Jennifer Lewis