I’m not sure what it is about perfume that some people just cannot get enough of it, even to the point where it no longer smells nice. While this doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as it used to be, some people continue to dump the entire bottle on themselves in an effort to smell nice. I’ve noticed it seems mostly to affect elderly women, but there have been some younger people I have run into that don’t seem to know when to stop.

Just this morning, I entered the public washroom on the floor of the building where I work (it’s shared by the offices on the same floor) only to run into a wall of perfume scented air. There was a woman, maybe in her 30s or 40s at the oldest, who was putting on make-up. I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t say anything but the amount of perfume was ridiculous. It permeated throughout the entire room and still smelled when I went back in later. Most offices these days are scent-free because of allergies so I was surprised, particularly with her being younger than the usual offender. I have to wonder if some people just don’t smell that well and are not aware of the immense amount of fragrance they are putting on.

I think this really goes down as a courtesy thing. Many people have allergies or are sensitive to strong smells and I believe those that douse themselves in perfume just have no consideration, intentional or not, for other people. Please, save us all from the toxic fumes and keep it at a minimum.


Jennifer Lewis